How much does it cost to host a website on GoDaddy?

GoDaddy has established itself as the leading brand when it comes to web hosting, domain registration, and a host of other premium services. They are also popular for providing their acclaimed website builder service known as GoDaddy Website Builder. The idea is to offer a user-friendly website builder with responsive designs. For the most part, the website builder offers you enough tools to create a basic website.

GoDaddy offers four plans to choose from, starting at a modest $10 per month. Each plan also comes with 24/7 customer support along with best web hosting Australia reviews. They do not offer free domain names with this service though. This is a pretty sweet deal regardless because domain names are really affordable these days.

For users who want to launch an ecommerce or online store, they should definitely opt for the Ecommerce plan for access to relevant tools.

You can try the website builder for free during the first month. This should be enough to get you fully acquainted with all its pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look.

FeaturesBasic website building tools for ad-free sites.HTTPS protocol with PayPal integrationLots of email marketing tools and social media integrationsExtra features like credit card payment processing and abandoned cart recovery

Is it Worth Using GoDaddy Website Builder?

Website building has become extremely competitive to the point that companies offer free trials, free giveaways, free themes, and free plugins. All these tools let you freely create highly professional looking websites with impressive aesthetics – all without sacrificing performance or spending a dime.

So where does GoDaddy’s Website Builder fit in all of this?

It’s extremely straightforward and self-explanatory to use their tools. You can choose from free templates, personalize the design, upload your own media, add integrations, and much more.

Moreover, GoDaddy offers several customization options that can be integrated in just a few clicks to help you build high-quality websites in no time.

The best part is, if you make careful use of your trial period, you might just be able to build a fully customized website before the 30 days end.

Comparisons with Competitor Tools

While you can build professional looking websites with relative ease using GoDaddy’s Website Builder, the final design will be relatively simple and basic. Their standard features are just too basic compared to tools like Elementor, Weebly, and Squarespace. For example, you cannot arrange the stylistic elements exactly how you want.

Their SEO settings are also really basic. The worst offender is the inability to use rich snippets for product pages and pricing even though they’re really important these days for ranking on Google.

After comparing GoDaddy’s Website Builder with advanced options like Elementor and Weebly, it becomes clear they’re targeted for smaller websites. The good news though is that you can integrate and accept credit card processors using simple drag-and-drop builders. However, for the limited range of options they provide, these packages may be too pricey.

If you’re serious about giving your website the aesthetic flair it needs, we recommend using tools like Elementor and free templates on WordPress.

Bottom Line: Should You Depend on the Website Builder?

The Website Builder is right for you if:

  • You need a straightforward tool to create a website
  • You’re hard-pressed for time
  • You need a budget-friendly but professional solution
  • You’re looking for a quick ecommerce solution for your clients

Note: The first month of using the tool is completely free. This means you can build a website for free if you’re able to do it before the trial period ends.

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